Fiction: Purple (309 words)

09 Jun

“Do you remember that time that we dyed our hair bright purple?” Skyler laughed, lying flat on her back and gesturing into the empty air above her.

“Oh man. Your mom was planning to skin you alive when we came back to the house,” Michelle giggled as well, laying on her back with the top of her head just an inch away from her best friend’s head. “I genuinely feared for your life.”

“Your mom was just upset that the shade we picked was too bright for your complexion.  She thought we should have gone more for a violet than a lavender.”  Skyler let her hands fall heavy onto her own stomach.  “Why couldn’t I have had the super cool hippie mom?”

“Yeah, well, your mom actually made sure that there was food in the house to eat, and didn’t randomly disappear for four or five days at a time. Why couldn’t I have had that mom?”  Michelle countered.

“Oh you did,” Skyler sighed, “You know my mom considers you to be her second daughter.  There is a very distinct reason that she always made a serving or two more than we needed.  Just in case you showed up and your mom hadn’t fed you yet.”

“I know,” Michelle sighed, “Your family was amazing to me.  And I was so very lucky to be your friend. And I do know that.  But–”

“You still wish that your blood family was good enough that you didn’t need a surrogate family to stand up for you.  I get it.” Skyler replied.

Michelle reached up and tugged gently on Skyler’s hair.  “Thank you for getting me, Sky-Lie. I appreciate it.”

“Of course, Shell-Bell.  It’s what I’m here for.” Skyler reached up and intertwined her fingers with Michelle’s.  “I have no idea what I would do without you.”

“And don’t you forget it.”


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