Fiction: Drawings (165 words)

06 Jun

Nancy kept everything that Emily ever drew for her.  They went to the fridge first, of course, where Nancy could see it several times throughout her day, and remember that her daughter had drawn it with her in mind.   But when they finished their fridge tenure, or when the room was needed for the newest addition, then they went into one of Nancy’s many, many, expandable files or portfolio books that she bought specifically to keep her daughter’s drawings protected and safe.

Because Emily didn’t take anything as seriously as she did her drawings.  And Nancy wanted her to understand that if Emily took it seriously, then her mother would too. No matter what, she’d be there for her.

And now that Emily wanted less and less to do with her mother, the way that most teenaged girls do, Nancy still had all those beautiful drawings to reflect back on, and to remember that her daughter still loved her, and would be back sometime soon.

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