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Fiction: Strangers (226 words)

“Do you remember when we were strangers?” Elijah asked, running his fingers through Lucinda’s hair.

Lucinda turn slightly on the couch to look up at him.  “Why? Do you want to go back to that time?” She asked skeptically.

“No, no of course not,” Elijah laughed, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I never want us to be strangers again.”

“Good,” Lucinda smiled, snuggling back into her fiancée’s side. “Then, why do you ask?”

“I was just remembering it.  When I didn’t know you, when I was worrying about if I would ever fall in love, when I was wondering if anyone would ever love me.  Wasn’t that a dark time?” Elijah ran his fingers through her hair again, then leaned down to kiss her on the temple.

“I guess I didn’t spend that much time thinking about it,” Lucinda leaned her head against his lips, making the kiss last a little bit longer.  “I mean, I guess I wondered if I would get married, but I didn’t really worry about falling in love, or the lack there of.  It just—“ Lucinda gave a little shrug, running out of words to say.  “But, I don’t want to go back to when we strangers.  Just because I didn’t know what I was missing, doesn’t mean I want to be back there anymore.”

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Fiction: Touches (232 words)

Since they lost his sister, Alex realized that his father touched him a lot more.  A hand on his shoulder as he reached past him to grab a fork from the drawer.  A pat on the head when Alex was on his laptop and his dad walked passed the couch.  A gentle flick on the ear whenever Alex said something that his mother would have scolded him for and his dad had to pretend that he didn’t find funny.

Alex had never been a touchy feely kind of guy, and for a little while he was annoyed at his father’s contact.  But then something occurred to him.  Alex was never a touchy feely guy, but his sister.  She was a hugger and a tapper and always ready to cuddle with her father. And whether he noticed it or not, Alex’s father was missing that contact, and trying to get it in little ways from Alex.   So, he had to find a way to return the favor, at least for a little while, to ease his father’s sudden lack of contact.

But he couldn’t start running up and hugging his dad when he came in the front door. That would be too strange for both of them. So he’d have to find some other little ways to touch him back.  It’d be an adjustment—but with her gone, everything would have to change.

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Fiction: Bungee (166 words)

“What are we doing with our lives?”  Skyler groaned, looking down over the edge of the bridge.

“Living them, silly,” Michelle laughed, “Aren’t you the one who told me we need to take more risks? Have more grand experiences?”

“I don’t think I meant jumping off bridges with nothing but an over grown rubber band to protect us was really what I meant.” Skyler swallowed hard, looking down at the river below them again.

“Well, it was either this or skydiving. Would you like to switch?”  Michelle grinned, also leaning over the rail to look down at the river below them, bouncing on the balls of her toes in excitement rather than fear.

“No,” Skyler said quickly, “No, I would absolutely not like to switch.”   Skyler looked over and, in spite of herself, grinned at Michelle’s excitement.  “Sometimes you are an awful lot like your mother, you know that?”

Michelle gave a half shrug, “You know, I’m beginning to realize that’s not always a bad thing.”

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Fiction: Five and Half Days (156 words)

Emily had gone five and half days without speaking to to her mother.  This was how it went for them.  They’d be fine, for a little while, and then something would explode.  Emily and her mother would be at each other’s throats, fighting over something small that was representing something so much bigger. And then they just didn’t talk.  They co-existed under the same roof while pretending they didn’t know the other was there.  The longest they had gone was twenty two days and three hours before Emily caved and talked to her mother. That one was actually really uncomfortable, and Emily never hoped to do it again. After all, that was over something so stupid and childish.

But this time, this time it wasn’t so easily forgiven.  This time, Emily wasn’t going to talk to her mother again until her mother made it right.  Because after all, Emily was definitely in the right this time.

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As usual, there is no piece of fiction here today.  I don’t feel like writing and editing and worrying about what I put up.  Instead, I am going to eat an insane amount of cake and feel very sick about it for the rest of the day.

It might be my birthday, but I hope that you all have a good one.

~Bekah Beth

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Fiction: Snow (134 words)

“Daddy, come on. Snowball fight, please!” Emma tugged on Zachary’s sleeve, trying to pull his arm away from the computer.

“In a little while, baby girl,” Zachary said half-heartedly.

Emma bent over so that her head was in between the laptop screen and her dad.  In spite of himself, he laughed at her lopsided grin.  “Dad, the snow is perfect right now.  If we wait then the snow will freeze more or melt more and it will not be perfect.  Do you know who taught me that?”

Zachary sighed and sat back further in his chair. “I did.”

“Yes.  Come on, Daddy.  Come on.  Snowball fight.”

Zachary held up his hands in surrender.  “Okay. Snowball fight.  But first you have to go put on your proper gloves, or Mommy’s going to kill us both.”

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Fiction: Understanding (100 words)

She never really understood why it was so much easier for her to understand strangers more than anyone else.  She’d listen to them talk for hours and hours, and she’d give them back advice and she’d heard again and again how she saved their lives or that she knew exactly what to say to make them feel better.

But with her own friends, with her own family, with her own life. She didn’t have a clue. What she really needed was a her who was not her, someone one who could give her the advice she gave to other people.

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