Fiction: Second Semester (250 words)

30 May

“Oh, shut up. You know you two are going to end up married.”  Charlene rolled her eyes at Olivia’s pointed turning away from Jack.

“He was a stupid mistake I made because we’re only sixteen, and I’m allowed to make stupid mistakes.” Olivia countered, trying not to turn around and sneak a peek at whether or not her snub had hurt Jack.  “We are broken up, Charlene, and that is that.”

“You want him to be hurt, because he made you feel bad.  He wants you to look at him again so he knows there is hope.  The only stupid mistake the two of you have made recently is letting something as small as this come in between you. If people like you are going to break up for real, if you two are ever going to be truly and properly over, it has to be over something much, much bigger than this.  Or what hope is there for the rest of us?” Charlene picked at a sticker on the inside of Olivia’s locker, exhausted with the whole thing.

Olivia tried to stand firm a little longer, but then she gave Charlene a weak smile. “Really? Do you think we still have a chance?”

Charlene rolled her eyes again, and was pretty sure her face was going to stick that way. “Yes, dumbass.  Now sneak your peak at him so you can see he was hurt by your snub, and let your look linger a little so he’ll have hope.”

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