Fiction: Dreams (184 words)

23 May

Spring was a beautiful time of year. Jack and Olivia had always thought so, which is why they had decided to get married in spring.  The middle of May to be specific, just as spring was starting make it’s turn into summer.

They had wanted to make it work.  They had tried so hard to reconcile everything, all their dreams and hopes and goals, into a plan that could work for both of them.  They were both willing to give up a lot too, if it meant they could stick together.  But there was no way to balance the scales.  Some things were just too mutually exclusive. And they found that no matter what, one of them would have to be giving up way too much. It just couldn’t happen.  And while it sucked at the time, they were happy in the knowledge that they did make the right choice.

But every year, in the middle of May, just when Spring was starting to make it’s turn into summer, they both took a second to dream and wish that things could have been different.

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Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Stories


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