Fiction: Catching Up (174 words)

09 May

Olivia drummed her fingers and on knees while she waited.  It had been a year since she’d last seen Jack, and about eighteen months since their divorce was finalized.  That time had proven to the both of them that they had made the right decision in going their separate ways.  However, Jack had been her best friend for years, and so it was weird to have gone so long without getting caught up on his life.  It was also very weird to be so very nervous while waiting to see him.

“Hey you.”  She was still looking down when she heard his voice.  She tried to control the smile on her face before looking up at him.  It was the right decision, she chanted in her head, over and over again, Love isn’t enough to make a happy marriage. “How are you?” He smiled and her knees went a little weak.

She stood up without incident in spite of the weak knees.  “I’m good.  Should we get a table?”

“Let’s.  Time to catch up.”

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