Fiction: Five Years On (387 words)

05 May

“What are we doing?” Reinette laughed, letting her husband lead her blindfolded.

“Patience. We’re almost there.  Everything will be revealed shortly.”  Phillip patted her on the arm gently.

“Okay. Well, remember that I am in heels, please. And that I need warning about rocky terrain.”

“Oh, drat. That ruins all my plans for the blindfolded rocky mountain hike.” Phillip sighed dramatically. Reinette reached over and hit him gently on the chest, her aim still perfect despite being unable to see him.  “Just a second more, I promise.”

They walked on a little bit further, before Phillip had them come to a stop, and he slowly turned Reinette so she was facing the right way. “Okay. Now. Take the blindfold off.”

Reinette messed with the knot on the back of her head, her hands tangling with Phillip’s as he tried to help in his own impatience.  When the scarf finally fell away, it took a couple seconds of blinking before her eyes adjusted to the light in the room.

She tried several times to say something, but it took a while for her to finally get out, “Oh, Phillip. How?”

The room looked just like the reception hall on their wedding day, just on a smaller scale.  The same centerpieces, the same table clothes, the same ribbons on the ceiling, the same flower petals covering the dance floor. Almost identical down to the very last detail. She turned to look at her husband and repeated “How?”

Phillip grinned, pleased to see Reinette’s shocked joy.  “Oh, come on.  Haven’t you learned by now that I’m magical?” Reinette raised an eyebrow skeptically, and Phillip shrugged. “Or I have good friends who owed me a lot of favors.  Whichever you want to believe.  Oh, I also promised my brother that you’d make him a dozen of your snickerdoodles.”

“I’ll make him two dozen.  Phillip this is amazing.” Reinette turned in a slow circle, taking the whole thing in.

“Well,” Phillip slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her into a slow dance, “I wanted to make sure that even five years on, I still love you as much as I did on our wedding day.  Maybe even more.”

Reinette rested her head on his shoulder, swaying in time to the imaginary music. “This is amazing, Phillip. Properly amazing.”

“Thanks, I try.”

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