Fiction: Broken (247 words)

04 May

That phone call had been the scariest of Leslie’s life.  And she was a woman who had lived through the death of her parents and husband.  But when the unknown voice on the other side of the line asked her if she was Leslie Jameson, and if she was aware she was the emergency contact for Thomas Jameson, it was like the whole world suddenly stopped spinning.

She made it to the hospital in record time, getting there just before Thomas’s wife-to-be, who Leslie had called in route.  They had to wait to see him, though.  The doctors were working with him and they needed everyone to stay out of their way.  It was probably only about ten minutes that they had to wait just outside his room, but it felt like years to her.

It had been an accident at work.  Someone hadn’t followed the correct procedures, and now her son was paying the price.  Leslie had already been reassured three times over that they were looking for the source of the problem, and that person would be properly dealt with.  But right now, that wasn’t important. That didn’t matter.

Leslie expected to feel a lot of things when she became a mother.  People had told her she would go through emotions that she didn’t even think existed.  But nothing in the world could have ever made her think that, looking at her boy, her poor unconscious boy, that she could ever feel quite so broken.

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