Fiction: Painting The Shed (229 words)

26 Apr

“Dad, this is a truly hideous color.”  Alexander took a couple steps away from the shed and crossed his arms over his chest.  “Mom is going to kill us dead.”

“It can’t be that bad,” Nathan sighed weakly, tilting his head one way and then the other, trying to think of something positive.  “It—well.  Uh.”  He went silent for a second before straightening up and snapping his fingers with an idea. “It reminds me of fall.  Your mother loves fall.”

“It reminds you of fall because it looks like a giant pumpkin.   Dad, it’s bright orange, and I’m pretty sure you can see it from the road.” Alexander ran over to the fence by the side of the house. “Yep, you can definitely see it from the road.   Mom is going to kill us.”

“It’s—well—Maybe it will be better when it dries.” Nathan tried weakly.   He didn’t even have to look at his son to know the incredulous expression that was focused on the back of his head.  “Yeah. Yeah. Alright.  Go get the power washer out of the garage.  Let’s see how much damage control before we can do before your mother gets home.”

Alexander started towards the front of the house before turning on his heel. “Is now the time to say it?” He laughed.

“You told me so. Got it.  Get to work.”

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