Legal Theft: Chances (186 words)

25 Apr

Fate decided everything in this town. If you wanted to do anything, the dice had to be thrown.  There were three die, made of a dark black metal, supposedly forged in the deep pits by the gods themselves.  The symbols on the sides meant absolutely nothing to anyone except the priests and the priestesses.

But everything depended on those dice.  Want to go to war? Throw the dice. Want to get married? Throw the dice. Time to name your newborn? Go throw the dice.  Even the most religious go to throw the dice before deciding something as simple as whether or not they should cut their hair.

But a world designed on random chance is no way to live.  Sure, they call it fate, they call it the hand of the gods, they call it a lot of things to try to make us feel comfortable with their decisions.  But it’s random chance. It’s random luck that dictates what we do.

So, I say, forget them.  Forget this town, forget the priests, forget the dice.  Let’s make our own random chance.  If anyone can, it’s us.

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