Fiction: Old Superstitions (185 words)

18 Apr

Morrigan sat alone in her room.  She twisted her red ribbon between her fingers, wrapping it around the two center fingers on her left hand until they were completely covered.  She tried to make a fist, but when her fingers couldn’t bend she smiled to herself. She spread her fingers apart instead, releasing the ribbon, letting it fall to her lap.  She separated out a small section of her hair and tied it up with the ribbon.

As she did so, she said a silent prayer to her god. It was an outdated superstition, one that most people didn’t even think much about anymore.  But Morrigan remembered it and practiced it every day.  As she was doing up her hair, she prayed for her friends, her family, herself, and everyone she would come into contact with that day.  And her day would go well, and she would spread goodness to everyone she came into contact with, as long as her hair was still up.  It was silly.  But who was she to risk superstition.  Besides, more positive thoughts in the universe couldn’t hurt, could it?

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