Fiction: Cup of Tea (187 words)

24 Mar

He sat down with a cup of tea. It wasn’t his tea. His cup of tea would come hours later when a sane person would normally wake up. But since he always woke up at least a little when her alarm went off, and since she actually had to go to work at this god awful hour, the least he could do was make her a cup of tea so it was ready when she got out of the shower.

And sure enough—she came out, dressed, but with her hair still wrapped up in a towel, scooped up the mug, took two big swigs of it before kissing him gently on the mouth. “Thank you, love. Back to bed.” A small kiss on the forehead, and then her attention was gone on the next part of her daily routine. He stumbled slightly back towards the bed, listening to her hum happily as she went about her morning. He didn’t even bother to crawl back under the covers as his last conscious thought was only two and half more hours until he had to get up for work.

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Posted by on March 24, 2016 in Stories


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