Fiction: Malcolm (156 words)

22 Mar

“Malcolm!” She ran towards him, all loose hair and long skirts and so much taller than the last time he saw her, but he still held out his arms and swung her off the ground with a hug. “Don’t stay away so long.  It isn’t kind.”

“Yeah, well,” he set her back down on her feet and brushed her hair out of her face, “I never claimed to be kind.  I’m just your brother.”

“Yes, but you’re my big brother. Big brothers are supposed to be kind and loving to their baby sisters.  It’s a rule.”

“Ah. There’s the problem.  You know how I get about rules.”

“Yeah, me too,” She turned and linked her elbow with his, steering him back towards the little farmhouse.  “After all, I’m not supposed to have skirts on in the fields.  Let’s go see Momma and receive our punishments, shall we?”

“Yeah—“He eyed the little farmhouse wearily, “Let’s go see Momma.”

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