Fiction: Out of the ICU (266 words)

21 Mar

She gave him a little smile, her eyes still mostly closed.  She made a weak motion with her hand which may or may not have been an attempt to touch his arm. “Hey you,” she whispered roughly, “you didn’t have to come.”

“And listen for the next twenty years about how I didn’t come to see you in the hospital? No thank you. I’ll do my time here and now.”  He sank down into the chair at the side of the bed. She gave a weak laugh, but her eyes were already shut again.  “Should I let you sleep?” He asked cautiously.

“No, no, I’ve been asleep for days.  Stay here–talk to me.”

He looked back around at the nurse who was waiting at the door to the room, who just smiled encouragingly.  “She’s on a lot of pain killers, so she’ll likely be asleep again soon. But you can talk to her ’til she drifts off.  You aren’t hurting anything.”

He turned back to his friend in the bed, and heard the nurse walk away.  He sat silently for a long time before she gave a little twitch in bed and said “I’m not asleep.”

“Okay–then?”  He replied, not quite sure what to make of that statement.

“I don’t want you to sit there quietly because I’m asleep.  I’m not asleep. I’m wide awake, okay? So don’t be quiet for me.”

“Whatever you say, dear.” he teased.

“Whatever I say dear is right.  Now, tell me.  I think I lost a day or a week or something.  Whats going on out there in the real world?”

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