Legal Theft Project: Bonding (261 words)

18 Mar

The carnival rolled into the fields at dusk, its spirited music carried into town by the wind.  As soon as the music hit Agatha’s ears, she became almost intolerable.  She jumped around the house, pulling on anyone’s arm she could reach, asking when they would be going to see the rides.

Her mother was a rock, entirely unaffected by her daughter’s pleas for entertainment.  Agatha’s big brother, on the other hand, was an easy target.  “C’mon, Malcolm! It’s the carnival!”

“And it will still be there in the morning,” Malcolm answered easily, but Agatha could see that he didn’t like telling her no.  All she needed was one good point, one good thought to tip him over to her side.

“Yes, it will.  But the carnival lights and sounds are all so much more magical when the sun has gone down.” Agatha pointed out.

Malcolm blinked at her silently for a second. “Damn. You’re right.” He conceded. Agatha waited for a moment longer, trying not to push too hard. “All your chores are already done?”  He asked, as if it was an unattached thought.  She’d won.

“Of course.”

Malcolm considered a second longer. “Okay. But you have to wear a coat the whole time we are outside. No arguments.”

Agatha was pretty sure she hadn’t been this excited in at least a year.  “Deal.”  She bounced up on the balls of her feet and kissed her brother on the cheek. “You’re the best.”

“Go get ready,”  Malcolm grinned himself, a child again for the moment, “Let’s not waste any more time.”

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