Fiction: I Love You, Too (266 words)

15 Mar

Have you ever just known something?  I mean, you don’t remember learning it or deciding, it, it’s just something you’ve always known without ever questioning.

That’s how I felt about the fact that Isa was important.  And that’s why I’m sure I love her.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  So many people have taken that statement wrong since it came from me.  I don’t mean that Isa is meant to be with me—or staking a claim on her as important to me and only me or any of that other bullshit that people try to say came out of my mouth.

All I mean is that Isa is important.  I knew, even when we were small, that she was going to amazing things for the Sinjei, and the Vankoh as a whole.  I knew that when she was old enough to have a firm footing, she would do things for our people that we couldn’t have even hoped for.  And as we got older, I just became more sure that even I had managed to underestimate her.

And that’s why I loved her so completely from the beginning.  It’s why I could never just “get over her” like people often suggested to me.  I didn’t really ever expect her to love me back—not someone as amazing as her to love someone as silly as me.  I was more than thrilled when she decided to be my friend.  I was more than willing to just be happy with that.

So, no. I didn’t really believe her the first time she said “I love you, too.”

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