Fiction: Focused (193 words)

09 Mar

Anne was hard at work again.  Ben knew this because he came into the house, kicked his shoes off, dropped his keys loudly into the key bowl and practically threw himself down on to the couch next to Anne’s desk. Anne didn’t so much as blink.  Ben considered his options.  The scare factor was just too much for him to resist, but he could always try to soften the blow at least a little.

“You are the loveliest woman,” he said quickly and loudly, trying not to laugh as Anne jumped half a foot in the air.

“You suck,” She groaned half-heartedly, putting a hand to her chest. “My heart is absolutely racing.”

“I gave you plenty of warning,” Ben chuckled once he wsa sure that Anne wasn’t actually angry.  “It’s not like I snuck into the house.  Not my fault that you are completely obvious to the world around you.”

Anne sighed, and took a deep breath. “Yeah, okay. Whatever.”  Then a smile grew bright on her face, “But to make it up to me, you can cook dinner tonight while I finish work.”

Ben kissed her on the forehead.  “Fair enough.”

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