Fiction: One Last Try (567 words)

24 Feb

Emma and Owen waited in silence. They had forty-eight hours to change their minds if they were going to, and because of that, everyone had decided that Emma and Owen should spend that time together.  There were only two people in the world who could talk Emma and Owen out of anything, and they were Emma and Owen.

But they continued to wait in silence, because both Emma and Owen knew that this was the only way to make the best out of a bad situation—and as much as they didn’t want this to be the outcome, everything else would be so very much worse.

So, they stayed quiet, but stayed close, enjoying their time alone together.  Until.

“If you don’t want me to do this, I won’t.”  Emma said quietly.

Owen had felt it coming, so he just held her closer and kissed her on the top of her head. “What do you mean?”

“This arrangement works out so much better for me than it does for you. I won’t remember what I’m missing.  You’re the one who suffers.  And if you don’t want me to go through with it, then I’m sure we can find another way.  If not a better way, then at least a way we can share the burden.

Emma tried weakly to pull away, to look Owen in the eye. But he couldn’t let that happen.  If he looked her in the eye, then he would want to cave.  He would want to take her idea and run with it, and not make the sacrifice he knew he had to make.  He appreciated her wanting to do right by him, but they knew this was the very best option.  He had to stick to his gun this time.

“I’m stronger than I look, you know,” He added quietly, trying to turn it into a bit of a joke, “I can handle a bit of weight.”

“Owen,” Emma whined, letting Owen know that a change of moods would not be accepted.

“I know, I know, Emma. This is the bet plan.  We’ve run all the options, and we’ve done all the math and this I hand down the bet plan,” Owen remind her, “I’ve still got the notebooks and notebooks of research and math, you know, if you’d like to go over them again.”

Owen could feel the shudder go through Emma’s body.  “No. I really don’t want to look at those notebooks ever, ever again.”

“Okay. Then we have to accept our own judgement. This is the best option, and we can’t change our mind out of personal selfishness.” Owen thought that maybe if he said it with enough conviction, that he would really start to believe it himself.

“All right,” Emma sighed, “I just had to give it one more try, you know?”

“I do know,” Owen let her pull away now, just enough so he could kiss her properly, “And I love you for trying again.  But the facts haven’t changed.  We’ve got to do this.

Emma kissed him back, then let herself mold into his side again.  “We do. But we still have,” she paused to take a quick glance at her watch, “Sixteen hours before we have to do anything.  Let’s enjoy ourselves, yeah?”

Owen felt his face break out into a smile in spite of himself, “Emma, dear, there is nothing I would like more.”

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