Fiction: Driving Away (438 words)

22 Feb

Grace drove for two miles before coming to a stop.  She sat and rested her head against the top of her steering hell as she waited for her passenger to join her.  She sat up straight when she heard the door open, but did not look over.  When Grace heard the seatbelt click, she pulled back onto the road and started driving again.

“So—was that as bad as you thought it would be?” The Passenger asked.

Grace readjusted her grp on the steering wheel before answering.  “Harder.  That was harder than I thought it was going to be.”

“This is your first reassignment, isn’t it?” The Passenger asked.  Grace didn’t bother to answer her.  She knew very well this was Grace’s first reassignment.  The first time she was going to have to cut and run and leave everything behind.  “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’ve got some options this time.  We can let him thing you’ve just abandoned the whole thing and left him in the lurch, or we can fake your death for you.  Your choice.”

Grace took a long time to consider her options.  “I think it is best if we kill me.” She finally announced.

“Oh?” The Passenger was surprised by that answer.  First timers usually wanted to keep the options open, foolishly believing they might be able to come back, finish the mission quickly and return to the significant other.  “Why do you say that?”

“I think it will be easier for William if I’m dead.  Sure, there will be grief and that whole ‘life is too short’ complex that he could develop, but it will be finite, and he’ll have the closure of me being gone.  If I just appear to have up and left, then he doesn’t know why I’ve gone or where I’ve gone.  He might decide to try to look for me.  He might try to have me declared a missing person.  He might blame himself for my going.  He might be unwilling to move on without me.  No, I think it’s just nice and cleaner if I’m dead.  It’s the best for all of us.”  Grace nodded with her decision and let her grip relax a little on the steering wheel.

The Passenger gave a little laugh.  She’d underestimated this new recruit.  Grace might just grow up to do some great things.  That was a nice treat.  “Very well.  We’ll create a death for you.  It will all be taken care of within the week.”  The Passenger watched Grace for any further reaction, but Grace just gave a small nod.

“Thank you.  I appreciate it.”

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