Fiction: Fun Night Out (422 words)

09 Feb

Charlie would not shut up. I know he was a figment of my imagination.  I knew he wasn’t really there.  I know that if he was annoying me, then I was really just annoying myself.

But Charlie just absolutely would not shut up.

Finally, I just gave up.  I know that I was caving to the terrorism of my own brain, but I snapped my book shut in frustration and looked Charlie in the eye. “Okay. Fine. What do you want to do?”

Charlie threw his arms up in victory. “Yay! The social craving and outgoing party of your personality wins once again.”

I tried not to get even more annoyed.  “You have thirty seconds to say what you want to do instead or I am going to go back to my book for the rest of the night.”

Charlie jumped to his feet like he’d been shocked.  “Let’s go dancing.  Alexis already said that she wanted to try out that new placed down on twenty fourth street.  If you give her a call, I am sure she can be ready to go out in about an hour.”

I immediately regretted caving to Charlie. “I don’t know…”

Charlie fell down on his knees, holding up his clasped hands.  “Please, Sophie, pretty, pretty, please.  I’m dying here.  If I have to spend another night staring at your bedroom wall while you read then I am going to go crazy. And considering that I am just a figment of your imagination, that means you’ll just go a little bit more insane, and considering that you’re already crazy enough to be an adult with a fully formed imaginary friend—I shudder to think what even a little more crazy to do to us.”

Charlie had a point.  I hated it when Charlie had a point.  “Okay, I’ll call Alexis.”

Charlie jumped back up to his feet, throwing his hands in the air again.  “Yay! Charlie wins.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I groaned, scrolling through my contact list to find Alexis’s number.

“Maybe we’ll even get laid tonight,” Charlie suggested in the tone that meant he was trying to pretend he’d just causally thought of it.

I stuck up a warning finger, “Don’t press your luck.”

Charlie at least had the decency to look a little ashamed of himself.  “Right. No. Of course, just dancing.  More than enough fun for the night.”

I hit the call button and put my phone to my ear.  “More than enough for one night,” I repeated as I listened to it ring.

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