Fiction: Penicillin Allergy (365 words)

03 Feb

“That looks miserable.”  Natalie glanced at her sister across the breakfast table.

Kelly shrugged, pulling her hoodie sleeve down to come some more of her rash, and poked half heartedly at her cereal.  “It’s not that bad.  I’ve had enough Benadryl to kill a small child, so I’m not itchy anymore. I just have to wait for the spots to fade.” Natalie looked up again, and winced.  “Although,” Kelly scolded, “It’d be a lot better if you’d stop wincing when you look at me.   You’ll give a girl a complex.”

“Well, you’re all red and spotty and kind of bleh looking.”  Natalie defended herself weakly.

Kelly stood up and took her bowl, “I’m going to eat breakfast in my room.”

“No! No, please don’t go.”  Natalie stood up and wrapped her arms around her sister.  “You’re lovely and beautiful and don’t look at all like a leper.”

“A Leper? Really? That’s a new one,” Kelly sighed.

“Yes, and you don’t look like one at all.  You are wonderful and it’s not at all your fault that certain medications give you hives and no one knew about it until you were already ninety percent covered in hives and itching like the dickens.”

Kelly finally relented and let herself fall into the hug her sister was forcing on her. “You sure know how to make a girl feel good.”  She was proud of her ability to make that almost only fifty percent sarcasm.

“Come back to the table and finish your breakfast. I’ll stop wincing, I swear.”  Natalie was turning on the puppy dog eyes.  Kelly no longer stood a chance.

“Okay, fine.”  Kelly set her bowl back down on the table, “I’ll stay.”

“Yay!” Natalie took her seat on the other side of the table, “And then after breakfast, you can take me shopping and can give everyone who looks at you funny your classic ‘rot in the ground and die’ look.  I know how much you love giving people that look.” Natalie tried hopefully.

“Yeah, don’t push it.” Kelly shoved a bite of frosted flakes into her mouth.

Natalie smiled, “Ah well, worth a shot.”

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