Fiction: Finally Home (175 words)

25 Jan

They were exhausted.  It’d be a long day of travel, and it wasn’t like it was an easy road they were following.  Harlowe had fallen four times earlier in the day, and she was the one with rough road experience.  Conlyn was pretty sure that he was more bruise than anything else at this point.

None of them actually made it up the stairs to their bedrooms.  Harlowe collapsed into an armchair, curling up into a ball, hiding her head under both of her arms.  Hana fell onto the couch, and might have been asleep before she was even properly horizontal. Conlyn looked between the occupied chair, the occupied couch, and the staircase.  He didn’t even have the proper energy to make a decision, or process the situation well enough to understand there was a decision to be made.

After a moment, he just crumbled into a ball where he stood, curled up on himself and slept in the middle of the living room.  He could worry about everything else, anything else, in the morning.

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