Legal Theft Project: Childhood (174 words)

22 Jan

Ryan and I had a pretty good childhood, all things considered. I mean, don’t get me wrong—our family was strange and we were always poor—but we didn’t really know any better. We never felt like we were lacking for anything. Besides, we were always trusted by our parents—so who needed fancy toys when we were allowed to be out after the street lights came on and we were always allowed to be in possession of our own allowances. Freddy used to tell us he hated us as the streetlights started to flick on and he had to sprint home—but he was just jealous. He came back to play with every day, so how much could he have really hated us?So, I guess to answer your original question, no I don’t think our parents did us a disservice. We’re different, yeah. But isn’t difference the spice of life? Just because you disagree with how our parents did things, that doesn’t make them bad people. And I don’t appreciate you making them out to be.


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