Fiction: New Adventures (282 words)

18 Jan

Jayden tried to stay quiet and let Katie pace slowly around the room. There was a lot going on and a lot for her to process and it made sense that she didn’t have an answer for him yet—but damn if it wasn’t nerve wracking waiting.“I know you don’t have a decision yet—but do you have a way that you’re leaning?” Jayden muttered, unable to contain himself anymore. It earned him a very dark glare from Katie, so he sunk back in his seat a little bit further. “Never mind—just kidding of course. Take all the time in the world.”

She paced for another fifteen minutes before turning to sit on the couch next to Jayden. “It’s a lot.”

“I know.”

“There are a lot of variable to consider.”

“Yes, yes there are.”

“And one small change could throw the whole thing into complete and utter panic and disarray.”

“That is also true.” Jayden could feel his heart sinking. It had to be a no, right? She was rationalizing out her no answer so that he wouldn’t feel too heartbroken when it finally came down.

Jayden was so braced for the rejection—he completely missed the acceptance. Well, he’d heard it somewhere in the back of his mind—and he could see the goofy smile on his girlfriend’s face, but it took him a moment to piece it all together. “Say that again.” He invited.

“I said, let’s do it,” Katie smiled even wider, “Let’s take all the precautions and try very hard to make sure that nothing gets completely fucked up in the mean time—but Let’s do it.”

He leaned over and kissed her hard. “Okay,” he laughed, “Let’s do this.”

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