Legal Theft Project: Breaking Point (251 words)

15 Jan

There simply were no words.  There was no way to explain the horror of the last month.  There was nothing that could be done.  There was no way that anything could have been prevented.  They couldn’t have made it better. There was nothing they could have done. There was simply no words.

Wil sat with his head between his knees, trying not to think about the blood that was on the soles of his shoes. Adelaide had one hand over both her eyes, and the other applying pressure to her side to help keep the pain at bay. Charlie was standing in a corner, staring at a wall blankly.  None of them wanted to move.  None of them wanted to think.  None of them wanted to anything at all.  If they moved, if they thought, if they breathed too heavily, then something bad was bound to happen again. And they just couldn’t take anymore of that.

Charlie was the first to think again.  “We need to do the work ups.” Charlie seemed to be telling the walls.  Wil lifted his head just slightly. Adelaide peeked slightly though her fingers.  Other than that, no one made any indication that they heard Charlie.  No one moved to do the work ups at all.  No one could.  It was just–too much.  This month they couldn’t handle. These last work ups, it was just too much.  And if they didn’t snap out of it soon–well, there would be some even worst things in their future.

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