Fiction: ‘Hey Siri, where is…’ (171 words)

14 Jan

Robin made a habit of getting lost in every city that she visited.  Well, perhaps habit was too strong a word.  It implied that she did it on purpose–with an intent.  Sometimes she would play it off like she did it on purpose–with a sense of bravado, she would call it character building or pretend that she was wandering on purpose or some other excuse like that.

But she never did it on purpose.  She just turned left when she was supposed to turn right and was so sure she was on the right path until she found herself in a place so turned around she wasn’t sure they were ever speaking the same language anymore. In the days before she had a smart phone, Robin would sometime be gone for hours and hours at a time. Now, Siri was always kind enough to guide Robin to her destination–always leaving her wondering why she didn’t just use her phone to get around in the first place.

Some lessons are never learned.

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Posted by on January 14, 2016 in Stories


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