Legal Theft Project: Freedom (170 words)

08 Jan

She couldn’t leave the river, and she was malevolent.  She no longer remembered which had come first though.  Did she hate everyone and want them dead because they had trapped her on this river—or did they trap her on the river because she hated everyone and wanted them dead?  Chicken or the egg? It didn’t really matter anymore.

She was slowly whispering in the minds of the weak willed.  She wasn’t strong enough to really affect them yet, but the more they started to believe that she was real, not a myth—the more they started to think that she might have been wrongly imprisoned—the stronger she would get.   And with a little more power, and just the right impressionable soul…

There were a lot of things she couldn’t wait to see, and a lot of revenge she couldn’t wait to have. Patience was easy to develop when there was nothing else to do. And chicken or egg,  She had a lot of people to take care of.


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