Fiction: What? (631 words)

15 Dec


I mean, I guess it makes sense now that I see it…but what?!

These two worked side by side for so long. They were directly linked again and again.  She would often go off on these stupid fact finding missions, and he was the best protection they had, so he was always assigned to keep her safe. These are that was the type of thing you weren’t even supposed to consider in this line of work.

But there they were, sitting across the briefing table from each other, casting sly glances at each other. Major James looked much too interested in Andrew’s report. Natalie looked too distracted to even notice that Andrew had gotten a fact about the soil sample around the old ruin wrong. Yeah. Something was going on.

Now I feel like an idiot. How many times had I seen the two of them together acting like this? These small subtle hints. And what about all those reports I read, where I thought that James was acting out of Character? Allowing himself to be captured even though he would have always had an escape route? He got captured to get her out even though the rescue mission had not been approved.  He risked everything to go after her even though everyone else was sure she was dead.  He was a good solider, but that was above and beyond.


That was three years ago. Has this been going on longer than I realized? Have they been breaking regulations? No, they both valued their jobs too much for that…so had they sat on their heels? Simply waiting? Biding time? Hoping that the rules would change, the policy that said that civilian and military weren’t supposed to fraternize? Had they secretly been working to make that rule change happen?

Oh my god. They’re in love. Look at it. They sat quietly letting their feelings grow and the first time they could get away with it. And the way Natalie had blushed and James looked at her when Valarie mentioned a wedding for that ridiculous movie.

Damn. I feel like a complete idiot now.

“Cameron!” My thoughts scattered as I looked up across the table to Major James. “Debriefing is over, or were you planning on sitting through on the next one, too.” I looked around and everyone had stopped on their way out the door to have another chuckle at my expense…wasn’t one enough for the day?

“Sorry, sir, of course not.”

“Well, that’s a new record. I usually zone out when Andrew is talking about ordinary old ruins, but I’m always paying enough attention to know when I get to leave.” James joked as we got up to leave.

“Ah, leave him be James.” There’s good old Andrew, jumping to my defense. “He just recently had a revelation that must be blowing his mind.”

“Did he now?”

“Yeah. I think he feels like an idiot that he missed it now that he sees the way all the pieces fit together.” So much for jumping to my defense.

“O…kay… I’m going to pretend to understand you, Drew.”

“So, business as usual, huh?” Natalie laughed as she came around the corner, only catching that last line, and somehow already changed into a non-regulation outfit to begin her leave. “Anyway, I’m off. I’ll see you guys in a week.”

“Wait up, Natalie. I’ll walk you up to the parking lot. Goodbye, Cameron, Andrew.” James and Natalie disappeared into the elevator, and Andrew was grinning at me again. After a second he headed towards his lab to start studying the newest ‘key to the universe’ that someone was sure they had discovered, pointedly humming the wedding march. Okay then, something else that Andrew knew before I did. They were getting married.




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