Fiction: Who? (842 words)

14 Dec


“Cam.  That is absolutely none of your business.”

“Who, who, who?”

“Give it up, man. She’s not going to tell you.”

Cameron turned to Andrew. “You should be on my side. Our Natalie is meeting with a man with increasing frequency and she is refusing to inform us on who this man is.”

“No…she’s refusing to inform you who this man is.” Andrew said with the same shit-eating grin on his face when he knew something Cameron didn’t know.

“Oh, and I’m assuming she’s told you?”

“Well…no, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know who it is.”

“Well, Dr. Know-it-all, would you care to inform the rest of the class?”

“Well, with one glaring exception, the rest of the class already knows.” Cameron turned to look at the rest of the group. Trevor had the smallest of smiles, and Valarie looked like she was trying her hardest not to openly laugh at him.

“It’s really not that hard. I figured it out within the first week.” Valarie commented, and Camreon let out a frustrated sigh.

“Give it up, Cam, It’s my secret, and if you can’t figure it out, you’ll never know.” Natalie laughed at the annoyed look on his face.

“Can I get some clues at least?”

Natalie rolled her eyes. “I’m not saying anything. But I suppose since Andrew doesn’t actually know who it is…”

“Oh, I know.”

“You have a guess, but can’t be positive unless I confirm it, which I have not and will not. Anyway, I guess you can ask Andrew a few questions, and he can answer.”


“Eh, I’m just as bored by this trek as you are. Watching you struggle to figure out what is obvious to everyone else may keep me entertained for a while.” Natalie smirked and took a few steps ahead of Cameron. He lagged back near Andrew, and thought about his first question.

“Okay. Here goes nothing. Who is it that Natalie is dating?”

Andrew looked at Cameron incredulously, “You had to know that wouldn’t work, Right?”

“It was worth a shot. Okay, first things first. Do I know this man?”


“Okay, do we all know this man?”


“Even Trevor and Valarie?”

“Even Trevor and Valarie.”

“O-ho, so that means he’s somehow involved with The Project. Dating within the office now are we?” Cameron called up to Natalie, and could see her shoulders shrug as she laughed.

“So…who has known him the longest?”

“Well, personally, I suppose I knew him first, but I think Natalie may have known of him longer.”

“Does he work inside The Project Building?”


“But he does know about The Project?”

“Oh, I’d say.”

“Wait, he is…human…right?”

“Cam!” Natalie sounded slightly offended.

“Yes, he is human.” Andrew laughed.

“And is he a scientist?  Or one of our military protectors?”

“Military, through and through.”

Cameron walked for a couple of minutes in silence and Valarie rolled her eyes. “Come on. I’ve never taken you for a stupid man, but you certainly are acting like it.”

“You could just tell me who it is and put us both out of misery.”

Valarie looked around, but was met with both Andrew and Natalie’s ‘don’t-you-do-it’ faces. She sighed and turned her attention back to Cameron. “Come on, he’s a military man that we all know, who Andrew met before anyone else.” Cameron just looked at her and she rolled her eyes again. “Come on now, it’s right in front of your face.”

“Time’s up.” Natalie called as she approached the dig site. She smiled back at Cameron who looked extremely frustrated. She smiled sweetly at him, then began to get all of the work gear out of the bags, “and just because next week is my week off, don’t think you can go prying for more information. I will find out, and Trevor will make sure that my revenge is extracted, isn’t that right?”

“Indeed, I will.” He said stoically.

“Thanks, T.” She smirked as she walked backwards away from the group. Cameron grumbled as he followed her to their positions behind the military guard.

“Welcome back,” Major James called chuckled as he saw the annoyed Cameron go to his work spot, “I can see you had a pleasant walk as well.”

“Major. What are you doing here? I thought you had the week off.”

“I do.  But I traded this weekend for next weekend with Samuels. I agreed to stay though Monday and then I don’t have to come back next Friday.”

“You know, Natalie seems to have this week off, too, starting Monday, through next Sunday.” Valarie commented casually.

“Hmm, imagine that.”  Major James was the picture of innocence. “Well, time to do my rounds.  I’ll check back on you in a moment.” And he headed off.

Valarie started pointedly at Cameron until the gears finally clicked into place.

“Wait a minute…do you mean…Natalie and the Major…” Cameron turned and looked at Andrew as he walked by.

“I knew you’d get there.” Andrew laughed as they got to work, “You can’t be that slow.”


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