Fiction: Jacket (334 words)

13 Dec

“This is extraordinarily hard for me, you realize that, yes?” Lizzie bit the inside of her lip.

“It’s just Washington DC. I can come back and visit, and you can come out to see me.” Jack tried to comfort Lizzie and hide the fact that it was extraordinarily hard for him as well. “And look at the bright side.”

“The bright side?”

“We don’t work together anymore.  We can do anything we want, and we can tell everyone we want about it.  I don’t know about you, but I plan on giving Neil all the juicy details just to watch him stew in his jealousy.”  Lizzie laughed then turned away from Jack as the tears started to fall down her face.

“Come here.” She heard Jack whisper softly, and Lizzie felt his familiar hug. “I have to leave now. But since I sold everything here, I left you a present inside. Goodbye, Liz.”

Lizzie let him go, and waved as he got into his truck and drove off. Suddenly, she really wanted a beer. Turning and heading back into her house, she could on the kitchen counter an open beer, and a package with a note taped onto it.

If I know you like I think I do, then you want a beer to remind you of me. Drink up, but don’t get it on your new present.

Lizzie took a swig from the beer, but then ripped into the package. Inside she found a worn leather jacket, one she had seen on the motorcycle next to her several times. Inside was another note in Jack’s familiar scrawl.

I never really did like motorcycles, but you did, so I rode. I no longer need an excuse to hang out with you, so I no longer need my jacket. Take care of it.

Lizzie smiled and clutched the jacket to her. She slipped the jacket around her shoulders, grabbed her beer, and headed off to bed for what she hoped was a good night’s sleep.


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