Fiction: Hours (366 words)

12 Dec

How long was it that he had been out? Hours. Several hours at least. Lydia looked at the clock, but for some reason the simple concept of hours and minutes seemed over her head.

The doctor wearily approached her in the chair near his bed. “Lydia, you really need to get some rest. You hit your head pretty badly, and you carried him several miles. He’s not small a man.”

“No, thank you. I’m fine.” Her tone dared anyone in the room to challenge her, but none of them would. Instead, the doctor who had approached her nodded to one of the nurses. That nurse got on the phone right away.

Two hours later, a man strode into the infirmary and straight over to Lydia’s chair. He pulled up another chair next to her, and simply asked, “How longs has it been?”

“I don’t know, sir. Hours at least.”

“Can’t tell time.”

“No, Sir.”

“Lyd. You need to lie down, get some sleep. I will keep guard over him and make sure he’s okay, but right now you need to be taking care of yourself.”

“Okay…okay…” Lyd stood up slowly, and turned to the man next to her for support as she made her way over to a bed.

“You know, my ego is deflating. I thought you were only this worried about me, but apparently you worry for all of your COs this way.”

“Don’t worry, sir, you were just worrisome enough to earn a very special place in my heart.” Lydia crawled into bed and within seconds the doctors were around her, giving her everything that she needed, but had been denying herself for ages.

“Thanks, Tristan.” Dr. Lam smiled, “You know she wouldn’t have moved from that chair for anyone else.”

“Yeah, she’s stubborn that way.” Tristan turned the chair Lydia had been sitting in so he could see both her and the unconscious Andre.

“You don’t have to stay, sir.”

“I told her I would watch him, and I’m going to hold up that promise. Not to mention, I want to make sure she’s okay.”

“And let me guess…”

Tristan smiled up at Dr. Lam, “I’m going to be stubborn that way.”


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