Fiction: Flying (221 words)

10 Dec

Believe it or not, she was completely afraid of heights. She wouldn’t be caught dead at the top of a roller coaster or Ferris wheel. She avoided mountain climbing at all costs, and she was even too scared to get on her own roof.

But flying…that was different. Something about being that far up in the sky, it was liberating. With or without a co-pilot, she felt so happy every time she flies. It was freedom. It was beauty. It was fun.

He loved to be in the sky. That far up nothing really seemed that important. Impending doom was nothing as long as he could see clouds or stars. Even his co-pilot who didn’t know when to shut up, something about looking out and seeing anything but land calmed him down.

So, as they speed through the air towards a ship that was much stronger than theirs, knowing without saying that this would be their last battle, they both took a second to stop and just look at the stars in the distance and just think about simply flying.

“You know, sir, it’s almost worth it just to be out here flying.”

“I know. I’m really glad if this is my last flight, that I can be sharing it with one person who loves it as much as I do.”

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