Legal Theft Project: Revenge (397 words)

04 Dec

I would have shut up, but he gave me the “If you do that one more time I’m gonna murder you” look and I adore dodging homicide.  Hana might not be too happy with me when this was all said and done, but I still owed Conlyn one.

“Oh, I’m sure my little Connie would just love to help you out this afternoon!”  I put on my best country accent.  After all, I’d grown up with it, it was easy to put back on. I draped an arm around his shoulders and bobbed up to kiss him on the cheek.  “You can make quick work of that plowing, can’t you, sweetie?”

Conlyn ran his tongue over his front teeth. I could see the series of things that were running through his head that he wanted to say to me, but it would break the cover I’d just made for us on the fly.  “Of course—Darling.”  He offered stiffly. I fought from groaning. I really hoped that Hana and Conlyn didn’t call each other Darling when I wasn’t paying attention. It was to sickly sweet a nickname, and it would be too weird to be called the same name as he called my sister.  Too much.

“Excellent.  You go on out there and work those fields, and I’m going to go help these lovely ladies with some pies.  You know, in the farm house.”

And there it was. The flash of recognition in his eyes. He remembered that he had offended me, that he’d try to write it off as nothing.   One whole day plowing fields, hard work, sweating and gross with work that would be hard for him to understand, and that wouldn’t come easy to him.  Work that I’d done every season since I could walk.  “Harlowe, I…” Conlyn started in earnest, before remembering himself.  “Right. Yes.  We’ll get that plow work done and then,”

“And then we’ll go home.  And everyone can go back to their normal jobs.”

I rocked forward on my toes to kiss him on the cheek again.  He wrapped an arm around me to pull me close enough to whisper, “I’m sorry” in my ear.  I patted him on the side of the face in the smallest gesture I could give to say It’ll be okay.

After today, after his hard work, we could discuss who should be doing what.

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