Fiction: Making Amends (233 words)

24 Nov

Louisa had forgiven him.  Corey knew that.  It had been a long time of anger, and then some very pointed discussions about why doping someone’s applesauce with Benadryl a bad thing, and then an addition to the roommates agreement that said she had every right to drive herself crazy with exhaustion, but he had every right to be openly vocal about his concern for her, no matter how annoying she thought that was, so that he no longer felt like Benadryl was his only option.  They hugged and made up.  She had completely forgiven him.

And yet she still always cooked her own dinners these days.

But she had been in a bad spot when Corey tricked her into ten hours of sleep.  Her brother had died so suddenly that no one really knew what the proper protocol for that was.  She had been awake for nearly forty hours straight, with only a handful of cat naps n the two weeks before.  She was starting to worry him—and that’s why he’d broken out the trick his mother had used on him when he couldn’t sleep as a child. He felt like drastic actions had to be taken then, and he wasn’t entirely sure that he hadn’t done the right thing in that moment.

But, he understood entirely why Louisa was happier when he didn’t have access to over the counter allergy medication.

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