Fiction: Back Together (254 words)

23 Nov

Logically, I understood it. Mara had gotten hurt too badly. She had to quit the team. Colin’s life was the team, he couldn’t have left even if he tried. And we all knew far too well that dating a non-team member didn’t work—even though Mara knew who he was, and even though Mara would understand what he had to do when—There was just something that didn’t work about continuing to date after someone had left the team. The fact of the matter was that they had to spilt up.And it was slowly killing the both of them.

Every time I went to visit Mara, I could see the slow countdown behind her eyes as she waited for it to be long enough for her to causally mention Colin and ask how he was doing. If he hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks, Colin turned into a moody teenaged boy until I could find some excuse for him and Mara to be in the same sphere with each other, until he could see her again with his own eyes and know that she was okay. And then everything could go back to normal until the next couple of weeks passed and he started to get restless again.

I understood their logic when they did it. And on paper it made perfect sense for them to be doing what they were doing. But this couldn’t be a long term solution. We had to find a way to make this work.

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