Fiction: Legal Theft Project-Running (224 words)

20 Nov

As far as lunatic schemes went, this was the best he had ever conjured, and they both knew it. They laughed as they ran down the hallway, grabbing for each other as they went, searching for the reassurance that the other was still there, hadn’t fallen behind or made a wrong turn somewhere.   In their attempt to run, and their attempt keep together, they spent a lot of their time tripping over each other and slowing each other down.

They finally rounded a corner, and seemed to be both decide they were far enough away.   He fell against the wall and slid down to sit at the baseboard.  She bent in half, resting her hands on her knees, trying to get her breath back in spite of the fact that she was still laughing.

“That was a great idea.”  She grinned.

“Yeah,” he made a gesture in her direction, “Not the best escape plan though. Could have thought that one through a little more.”

“Where’s the fun in planning?” She straighten back up, stretching out her back and shoulders.  As if to reinforce her point, they heard the sirens getting closer again.  “Come on, off we go.”

She extended her hand and he let her pull him back to his feet. He didn’t drop her hand as they started off down the alley again.

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