Fiction: Workplace Boredom (209 words)

19 Nov

Abigail popped her head up over the cubicle wall that divided her space from Matthew’s.  “Let’s play a game,” she offered.

“What’s the name of this game?” Matthew asked, leaning back in his chair and letting it spin so that he could look at her face on.

“It’s called Guess Who is Bored to Tears and is Literally Considering Something on Fire Just to Liven up Her Day?” She grinned her best game show host grin.

“Let me think.”  Matthew let his chair spin a full circle and came around to face Abigail again.  “Is the answer Abigail?”

“Ding, ding, we have a winner!” Abigail threw her hands in the air in celebration. “Your prize is that you get to entertain me for at least a half hour so that I don’t actually set something on fire.”

Matthew considered for a moment, before deciding that Abigail would be both willing and able to set something on fire if she got bored enough with their “no project assigned” day.  “Okay. I’ll take you up on that prize.  Smoke break?”

Abigail pulled a lighter out of her pocket, only reinforcing the ‘Able’ part of Matthew’s fear.  She pointed it in Matthew’s direction. “You beautiful man.  I thought you would never ask.”

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