Fiction: Working Late (384 words)

15 Nov

“I want you to know that I love you more than anything in this world,” John started as soon as she picked up the phone.

Eliza pulled the phone away from her ear to glare at it for a second, before returning to hear his excuse.  “What is it now?”

“I have to stay late today.  I swear that I tried very hard to get all of my stuff done and out of the way, but two projects involve Maggie and Jeff so I’ve had to wait on them and please, please, please say you don’t hate me.”  John sounded so miserable, that Eliza couldn’t even tease him tonight, although she really wanted to.

“Of course I don’t hate you, Johnnie. I know you tried.  I know you did.”  She heard John let out a breath of relief.  “Were you afraid to tell me?”

“Of course. I didn’t want you to be mad. I didn’t want to ruin your night.  I was putting this off in the hopes I would still be able to get out, but—

“It’s okay.  I do know you tried, I promise.  I don’t blame you. I’ll find something else to do with my night.  It’s okay.”

“God, I love you,” John breathed through the phone, “How in the world I got lucky enough to have you, I will never, ever understand.”

“Hmm. And don’t you forget it.”


“Yes, Johnnie?”

“Do you want me to wake you up when I get home?”  He was whispering now, even though what he had said was completely innocent, the implication that Eliza knew was making him secretive.

“Yes, of course,” Eliza laughed, raising her voice,  knowing that John would embarrassedly look around, hoping no one could hear her voice carrying through the speaker.  She knew it wasn’t his fault, but this would be her mini revenge anyway. “How in the world are we supposed to make a baby if you don’t wake me up and if we don’t get it on?”

John coughed loudly, and she could just imagine him waving nervously at one of his coworkers.  “Yes. Well. Okay. Good, I look forward to that.  Love you.”  And then the line went dead.

Eliza chuckled to herself, and wondered off to find a TV show to marathon until John got home.

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