Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Last Call (386 words)

13 Nov

A firm hand drew the decanter away from him.  He frowned at the disappearing glass bottle, but he didn’t make any efforts to prevent its departure.  He did, however, look with disgust at the bottle of water that had been put in his hand to replace the wine.

“Drink, Kyle. I don’t want to deal with your hung over ass in the morning,” Laney sighed.  He continued to frown at the water, and Laney rolled her eyes.  Kyle was too far gone to listen to her now.  She’d hate to wake her, but it was time to bring in the big guns.

Kyle watched as Laney disappeared down the hall, briefly wondering where she was going, but then quickly got distracted by the flickering pattern of the light on the wall.  He barely even noticed when Laney returned with someone else in tow.

“Hey, Kyle,” Rika smiled, sinking down onto the bench next to him, “Laney says you won’t drink your water.”

“Donwanna,” Kyle mumbled, letting his head fall onto Rika’s shoulder.

“I know.  It’s not as much fun as wine.  But I’ll make you a deal.  You drink your water, and then you can come sleep it off in my room with me. I’ll even tell you a story or two until you fall asleep.”

Kyle considered the bottle of water carefully.  He thought that he might be being conned in this whole thing somehow, but he couldn’t figure out how.

“Are you sure?” Laney asked, “Rika—you need your sleep…” Laney stopped herself short of saying in your condition.  Neither Kyle nor Rika responded well when anyone referred to Rika’s changes as a “condition.”

“I’ll be okay, Lane, thanks.  He’ll be out in no time, and I’m used to him in my room.  I’ll probably actually sleep better with him there, anyway,” Rika insisted, rubbing small circles on Kyle’s back.  Everyone could almost tangibly feel Kyle getting sleepier.

“If you’re sure—“ Laney said skeptically.

“I am,” Rika insisted, before turning her full attention back to Kyle, “What do you say, hm? Drink your water?”

Kyle took the cap off his water and took a swig.  Laney threw her hands up.  “He’s your problem now, Ri. Good luck and god speed.”

“Thanks,” Rika replied distractedly, “Sleep well, Laney.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Laney griped, “You too, guys.”

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