Fiction: Legal Theft Project– Loss and Understanding (366 words)

06 Nov

The last thread of humanity broke and he collapsed into the explosion of power. It was hours later that they all started to wake up, dazed and confused and not really sure what the final trigger had been—but it didn’t really matter now. The damage was done.

Krissy heard her mother’s voice calling through the fuzz in her head.  She sat up and looked around, trying to figure out where the voice was calling from, trying to respond to it, but finding it hard to make any noise much louder than a whisper.   But, her mother found her anyway, barely pausing to check for injuries before scooping Krissy into her arms and squeezing her tight.  “I was so afraid,” her mother crowed, “I thought you’d be next to him. I thought you would have been destroyed.  I thought that you were gone forever.”

Krissy barely had the energy to get angry at her mother, but she was giving it her best shot. “Of course I wasn’t with him. You expressly forbid it. You made it nearly impossible for me to get to him.  You made sure that I couldn’t be at his side.”

Krissy’s mother fixed her with a cold stare.  “Well, I was right, wasn’t I?   This just proves it.”

Krissy didn’t point out that she could have stopped this.  She didn’t remind her mother that he’d been on this edge before and Krissy had been the one to talk him down.  She didn’t tell her mother that all he needed to stay in control was to remember that he loved his humanity, and that she was a big part of that.  She just didn’t have the energy to inform her mother that any damage from this change, from anything he did, from whatever he had become—Krissy was putting the blame directly onto her mother’s shoulders.

No, her mother would learn all that soon enough.  And if the guilt wasn’t enough of a punishment, the understanding that her daughter had completely disowned her would be. And they’d hash out those details after Krissy felt like she could stand on her own two feet again. For now—she’d use her mother for literal support.

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