Fiction: Wake ups at 2 AM [A Family Way] (185 words)

05 Nov

“No, no, no,” Avery groaned, rolling into her pillows.  “He’s laughing.  It’s two in the morning and our thirteen month old is laughing in his room.”

“Would you rather he be screaming?” Bradley groaned, pulling a pillow over his head.

“Yeah. Kind of,” Avery sighed, “A screaming baby can be calmed, soothed, and put back to sleep.  A laughing baby will only be encouraged by the presence of others and I may as well be awake for the rest of the day,” Avery reasoned.

“Hmm,” Bradley groaned, “Yeah, I guess so.”  He sighed, pulled the pillow off his head, and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. “I got him. Go back to sleep.”

Avery sat up, “Are you sure?  It’s technically my turn.  You had Tuesday’s nightmare.”

Bradley made a vague gesture behind his back as he pulled a T-shirt on over his head. “I’m awake now.  Sleep, A. Sleep.”  He stumbled slightly as he made his way out of the bedroom.

Avery watched him go, and snuggled deeper into her pillow.  “He is the perfect man,” she whispered to no one.

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