Fiction: Favorites (425 words)

27 Oct

She couldn’t ever decide on her favorite thing about him.  She only noticed this because for some reason it was what people kept asking her.  “So—what’s your favorite thing about him?”  What a strange thing to ask someone about their fiancée—and yet it seemed to come up a lot.

But even with her indignation about the specific-ness of the question, she couldn’t help but try to figure out the answer.  What was her favorite thing about him? There had to be something, didn’t there? Something that stood above the rest and somehow made life just that much brighter?  Made his “perfect for her” just a little more perfect? It had to be something.

And she couldn’t make up her mind.  She had nearly a dozen different ideas, and not a single answer. And she really didn’t like unanswered questions, so she often went back and reviewed her options.

Maybe her favorite thing was the way he knew when to hold her close and when to not touch her. And when he did hold her close, he held her like she was special. Not like she was breakable, or that she was fragile, but like she was something important and something loved and something that deserved to be treated well.  And that wasn’t something that always happened.

Maybe it’s the way he knows how to make a joke out of everything—but he also knows when those jokes are left best inside his own head.  He also knew when they should just be whispered carefully into her ear to lighten her mood even if the room as a whole wasn’t in the mood for a joke.  He’d only misjudged this once in the whole time that she knew him, and that was actually quite impressive.

Maybe it was his way of taking silly things very seriously.  There were certain hours of television watching that were treated as good as sacred in their house, and with spreading spoilers of those shows being about as serious as treason.   But, he also knew when silly things had to just be silly and not step on the toes of anything that was actually serious.

Or maybe it was another of the thousand things that came to mind whenever she tried to figure this out.  There were a hundred different reasons that she loved him, and there were a hundred different reasons that she wanted to make sure that he was a part of her life for the rest of her life.

But she just couldn’t pick a favorite.

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