Fiction: Engagements (419 words)

22 Oct

Jessa was bouncing up and down in her seat, waiting for Isa to come back in through the door. She knew that Ayden had other things to attend to later that night, so it wasn’t like Isa could stay out too terribly long—Jessa wouldn’t be waiting here all night.  Besides, Jessa knew she would never be able to sleep anyway, not until after she knew what actually happened.

When Isa did come in, Jessa almost bowled her over in her excitement to see her sister-in-law. “What did he say?  I mean, he had to say yes, right?  He’s Ayden and you’re you—so he had to say yes.  Please tell me he said yes.”

Isa blinked at Jessa in shock. “What the hell are you on about, Jes?”

“You asked Ayden to marry you, right?” Jessa asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“How in the world did you know that,” Isa whispered, stepping in closer to Jessa and looking around to see if her brother was in the room, “I didn’t even know I was going to ask him today.”  Jessa gave Isa a skeptical look, so Isa took a deep breath and added, “Okay, I wasn’t sure that I was going to ask when I left the house.  How in the world did you know what I was going to do?”

“Well, you’re not exactly a hard read, Isa,” Jessa pointed out.

“Does Ser already know?”  Isa whispered quickly, “He’s going to be so mad if he thinks I told you and not him?”

Jessa shrugged, “No. Ser’s got his own stuff going on.  I don’t think he would notice if he walked in on your actual wedding.  And, in your defense, you did play this one close to the vest for you. I’m just that good.”

Isa shook her head, “God, Jessa.  Will you tell me what I’m doing tomorrow? Because clearly you are psychic.”

Jessa just laughed and Isa finally stepped away from their almost conspiratorial huddle and continuing her previously interrupted path back to her room.  She’d almost made it before Jessa called her name.  “Come on. You never answered me.  What did Ayden say?”

Isa smiled so bright before she regained control of herself and kept her usual small smirk. “C’mon, Jessa. He’s Ayden. I’m me.  Of course he said yes.”

“That’s very good,” Jessa understated, trying not to bounce on her toes again.

“Yes,” Isa answered, hints of that wide smile starting to peek through again, “Yes, it’s very good.”

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