Fiction: Sleeping Around [Part 1 of 2] (450 words)

18 Oct

I had no idea what I had just done.  Well, obviously, I knew exactly what I had just done. I had just had sex with my extremely attractive Shakespeare Professor on the floor of his office in the English department.  It was extremely good sex, mind you, some of the best I’d ever had, and from a purely physical standpoint, something I would not say no to doing again.  But what about the emotional side of it? What about when people found out? Would we keep doing it?

I didn’t have to worry about people assuming I was sleeping my way to the top if they ever found out. Because I was already doing my best in Professor Richardson’s class, easily a hundred percent average, if not higher due to my accidental extra credit from attending his lecture, and soon even higher for his bonus assignment for memorizing a complete act of one of Shakespeare’s comedies (I’d had Much Ado About Nothing memorized from beginning to end for years due to a similar assignment during high school).  I imagined that it would still be the kind of thing we’d play close to the chest, though, at the very least until I was out of his class for the semester, because it may not have been against the rules, but it would certainly be frowned on from many different directions.

That was assuming this was something that we were going to continue doing.  After all, I didn’t know Professor Richardson very well in the practicality of it.  I mean, I still called the man Professor Richardson.  He was known around campus as the “hot professor.”  Maybe he made a history of “Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am” flings with his grad students, all of whom were too embarrassed to admit they’d had a onetime thing with him, or too excited by the thrill of fulfilling a school girl fantasy that they never bothered to report him or turn him in to anyone.

There was a very small nagging part of my brain that said “Well, what about Samuel?” but I shut that part of my brain up rather quickly.  Yes, we’d been flirting, and yes, I might have said yes to a date with him if he’d asked, but he hadn’t asked, had he?  We weren’t dating, not even causally, so there was no reason to feel exclusive to him, and certainly no reason to feel guilty.  If this was going to be something that I pursued with Professor Richardson, if there was anything that was going to come out of it, then it would be between me and the professor, and I would have nothing to do with Samuel at all.

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