Fiction: A Bad Introduction (201 words)

15 Oct

This is a story of lying, backstabbing, cheating, theft, and deception.  It is a series of things that I promised myself I would never do, and ended up doing anyway.  It’s an apology to my children, to my parents, to my siblings, and most of all, an apology to my loving husband, who is more fantastic than he knows.  He is wonderful, and I love him, and this is no way shape or form any of his fault.  Decisions were made that I regret, but many of the decisions that were made I wouldn’t change at all, because I wouldn’t end up with the family that I have now.  This is the story how I became the other woman in a relationship, how I lied to two men who loved me, how I got pregnant by one man, and in the same year married another.  This is the story of how I led my friends, family, and in many ways myself, to believe that the life they saw me living was the life I actually wanted, and the one that I truly believed in.  All that while, even after all this time, I was, I am, in love with someone else.

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Posted by on October 15, 2015 in Stories


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