Fiction: Fair Fight (354 words)

10 Oct

“Do you ever think you might be too cruel to them?” Thomas asked, helping Sierra into her gear.

“A fight is a fight,” Sierra shrugged, “They want to underestimate me because I’m a woman, that’s not my fault.  If they want to believe that they are the ones allowing the fight to drag out for the time bonus, that’s not my fault either.”

Thomas tied the last piece in place on her back, and came around to look his big sister in the eye. “Yeah, I guess.  I just—you whip them, over and over again.  I feel bad for them.”

“Those who refuse to learn from past events get what’s coming to them,” Sierra smiled, ‘That’s a good life lesson for you, Tommy.  Keep it in mind.” Thomas shrugged, still looking uneasy.  “Look,” Sierra sighed, stooping slightly to be at his eye level, finally taking his unrest seriously, “I never deny what I am, and they can look at the past to see what I can do. I never hurt them more than I have to, and these time bonus matches are what bring in enough money for you and Billy to go to your schools.  Do you want me to beat them quick and forfeit the bonus?”

“No. I guess not.”

Sierra ruffled her brother’s hair, to show she wasn’t mad at him. “I love that you are kind-hearted, Tom, and at first I felt bad about it, too.” She kissed him on the cheek, “But I do this time them every week, Tommy. Every. Single. Week. And they don’t learn.  They don’t care to figure out the pattern.  So, no, I don’t think I’m being too cruel to them.  I’m going to keep taking the money until they wise up.”

Thomas handed her the wraps and watched her tied up her hands. “Okay. Fair enough.  Make us some money.”

Sierra grinned wide, and clapped her hands together.  “Don’t you worry, Baby brother, I want us all to eat steak this week.”

“That’s a cause I can get behind,” Thomas agreed, holding open the curtain so that Sierra could greet her audience.

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