Fiction: Fatherly Rage (253 words)

08 Oct

“I don’t understand.  What did you think would happen?” Rory asked, looking at the Brothers standing in his living room.  “You would show up, spout lies at me, and I would suddenly believe that my daughter is a murderer and a demon?”

“We were hoping you would listen to reason, Mr. Magntin.  Your daughter—“

“Hasn’t been brought to trail,” Rory pressed on, “She is an innocent woman until she is taken to court. And I believe that my daughter will remain innocent even after her trial, because she is simply not capable of what you are accusing her of doing.”

The Brother who had been doing all the speaking took a deep breath and put on a patient smile.  “Master Magntin.”

“I’m done listening,” Rory spoke over him, “I have told you everything I am legally required to tell you.  I have no additional information that I would like to reveal.  If you would like to stay in my house, I won’t have you removed, but I am done listening and I have nothing more to say.”

The Brothers seemed to have a silent conversation amongst themselves before rising in unison from the couch. “Very well, Master Magntin.  We will leave you in peace.  However, if we find more pertinent questions, is it safe to assume we will be able to find you here?”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Rory said sternly, crossing his arms over his chest.

The speaking Brother nodded, “Yes. Well, go with the Gods, Master Magntin.”

“You as well, Brothers.”

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Posted by on October 8, 2015 in River's Story


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