Fiction: Jailbreak (160 words)

07 Oct

Lindsey smiled as the cell door swung open.  George leaned against the opposite wall as if he didn’t have much to do with it.  “Linds,” he shook his head disapprovingly.  “What have we said about getting caught about law enforcement?  Especially when there is a warrant out on my head?”

“Really?” Lindsey sighed, “Do you want to compare track records right now?”

George seemed to consider it for a second, but then broke out into a huge grin, pushing off the wall with a foot.  “I assume that you have a plan.”

“Of course I have a plan,” Lindsey rolled her eyes, “Where would you be if I didn’t have a plan?”

“Probably in jail.  Oh look,” George threw out his arms to gesture at the locked cells around us, “here we are.”

“Shut up, smart ass.”  Lindsey led the way out of the cell.  “Follow me before they catch us here.”

George threw her a salute.  “Aye, aye, madam.”

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Posted by on October 7, 2015 in Stories


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