Fiction: Legal Theft Project– Family Meetings (218 words)

05 Oct

Visiting her father was the only time she dressed down for a public event. After all, he was her father—and yeah he was one of the most influential people in the country, and she was making a very good name for herself after a lot of hard work—but he was her father.

She refused to make a family visit into a big public to-do.  Of course, the first time, everyone turned it into a big public to-do. Miss Madeline deFinn, wearing jeans and a t-shirt with her hair ponytail, driving herself, oh the horror. But, when she didn’t change the way she went to see her dad, nor did she really give them any reaction to the gossip columns report—so people stopped caring about her dressed down appearance, accept to note that she would be going to her father’s house again.

So, once she pulled into the spot in the garage that was still hers from her sixteenth birthday, she walked into the house and she was just Maddie. Not Miss deFinn, not Madeline, and her father wasn’t Lawyer/Senator/Chairman of whatever—or any other title that her dad had. They were just a family again.  And she was about to get in a lot of trouble for swearing in earshot of the press last week…

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