Fiction: Legal Theft Project — The Son of the Old Power (339 words)

02 Oct

“Uncuff me.”  His voice was calm, even, and still.  If they had expected rage or crying or some other burst of emotion for their entertainment, then they were going to be sorely disappointed.  “Uncuff me, and release me to go to my father.”

“That is not possible, Hun—“  His guard faltered.  The guard had almost used his name, had almost called him Huntington.  But the new power had declared Huntington a bastard child, and therefore a man without a name.  No one was to acknowledge his name, not while within the Kingdom’s reach.  Anyone who called him Huntington would be sentenced to treason right next to the young man. “Your father is as good as dead, boy, if he’s not actually dead already.”

“If you believe my father is dead and gone, then you’ve clearly never actually laid eyes on my father,” Huntington replied easily.  The guard gave him an uncomfortable look.  The guard knew that Huntington was right, that this war was not over, that this boy’s father would not be dead.  But, he also knew where the power sat now, and was not a strong enough man to challenge it.

Huntington sighed.  He didn’t want to hurt this man.  He didn’t want any of the common people to suffer.  They weren’t involved in the politics, and when a man with a sword told them of the new law of the land, who were they to rise up, who were they to challenge? They followed the new power and let their lives go on with as little change as possible. He couldn’t fault them that.  This young guard was no different.

“Don’t do me any unnecessary harm,” Huntington said softly, “and I will make sure that your job is still secure upon my father’s return.”

The guard said nothing, but Huntington felt the grip on his cuffs loosen a little, and his shoulders could drop into a slightly more comfortable position. Huntington nodded slightly.  This was a good man. It wasn’t his fault that the power had changed.


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